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Family legal Practice

(Child Adoption, divorce, Will and testament)


We provide the following services within our family legal practice area in accordance to the laws of Ghana
Divorce Proceedings

We provide legal services that help our clients legally end marriages to their spouse according to the terms they desire and within the framework of Ghana’s law.

Child Adoption 

we provide legal support to clients who desire to legally adopt children who are either family relatives or not, by identifying the children, researching the child’s history and facilitating the legal adoption of the child.

Last Will and Testament Documentation

we provide services that draft and enables our clients to transfer their property to other individuals legally through their final will and testament according to the laws of Ghana.

Application for letter of administration

we legally apply for letter of administration for our client to enable them legally manage the businesses and estate of a deceased relative according to the laws of Ghana.

Application for probate will

We provide legal services to the enable our clients to acquire probate will that enables them to legally administer the properties, businesses and estate of deceased relatives as stipulated in their last will and testament.

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