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 Amenuvor and Associates Law Firm

Amenuvor and associates law firm provides services such as litigation, arbitration, notarization, business incorporation, board secretarial services, debt recovery, corporate mergers and acquistion for individuals, families, companies, real estate institutions, financial institutions, etc. Our law firm was established in September 2018 and is located at the heart of Osu Accra, Ghana.

We are a team of diverse lawyers with collective practice experience of over 39 years in areas such as family, real estate, labour, corporate, financial and notary public legal services according to the constitution of Ghana. we help to ensure that the constitutional rights of our clients are realized by quickly and effectively resolving their issues. we also help to avert legal issues and protect our clients’ family, businesses, property and source of income by providing sound legal advice on the issues they encounter.

Our firm’s philosophy is centered around our strong belief that the provision of sound legal advice, legal representation and a strict adherence to ethical standards contribute to the realization of the constitutional rights of our clients and prevention of vulnerability to legal issues by businesses and individuals.

Our clientele consists of corporations and individuals who are committed to realizing their constitutional rights on legal issues they encounter and are proactive towards the avoidance of legal issues through legal guidance in their respective activities according to the constitution of Ghana. Some of the clients we have worked with include Ghana oil company(Goil), Golden beach hotels, Telenergy, Cirrus Oil, Nestle Ghana and Amandi investments.

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